Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Drive-By Update

- Thank you SO MUCH for your thoughts, advice, and experience re: moving. I don't know that I can respond individually, but I wanted to let you know that I really appreciate every single one of you. And I think I will indeed be moving next month!

- Speaking of moving, though... My landlord's brother died.

Which I guess makes my decision to move both easier and harder, because he's planning to move back to California, now that he has exceptionally less reason to be out here in Michigan. His parents live in California, and his son is almost headed to college, so. It's good in that I don't feel as bad about not living here forever (well, until 2019), and awful in that he will have to search for a new tenant on top of everything. And that really sucks.

I'd met his brother once, when I'd just moved in. He was visiting, and had almost the same make/model car as my landlord, but in a different color. They were about to embark on a camping trip together. He was very kind, and welcoming. :(

- I just got back from my first major academic conference in Chicago, which was amazing. I wasn't really looking forward to it, because stress and poor timing and existential crisis, but it was exactly what I needed. I got to meet people in my specific field (professors, post-docs, and fellow grad students), bond with my colleagues from my home institution, and embark on an eating tour of all the land had to offer. We ate ridiculously well--MASSIVE FAMILY STYLE MEALS ALL DAY E'RRYDAY. Vietnamese, Filipino, Japanese, Indian, and Chinese bakery goods. Mmm. :) And I got to walk along the rainy shores of Lake Michigan, which was also much needed.

We were only gone for three days, but I've already forgotten what my real life was like; I hardly know what to do with it, now. What are exams? What is the Internet? What is solitude?

- On the subject of "What is the Internet?" though, I really don't like the way I've been using the Internet this year so far. I feel like I've been around mostly to whine and not answer comments. I don't like that at all, because I want to know what y'all are up to, and talk with you, and read your lives and creative works and you know, really be here, and really be a friend. I need to get my shit together. ♥
Tags: academia, strange tales from the midwestern front, unapologetic hit-and-run

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