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[Rec] The Opposite of Falling - Clint/Natasha, Marvel Cinematic Universe

The talented geckoholic just wrote a fic called The Opposite of Falling (R, Clint/Natasha, 10k words), which is truly arresting. It's been like half an hour since I finished reading it, and my pulse is still up!

The AO3 tags are as follows: Consensual Kink, Handcuffs, Angst, Implied/Referenced Torture, Implied/Referenced Child Abuse, Experimental Kink, Hurt/Comfort.

Speaking as someone who 1) doesn't know MCU at all, so had to look Clint up (hey! But I know that Scarlett Johansson is Natasha--and I'm almost as smitten with her as I am with Jessica Alba), 2) also doesn't read very much kink fic, this is way out of my wheelhouse. But this isn't the first time I've read a fic that far afield from my usual and it won't be the last; and I feel like in a lot of ways, this is my favorite kind of fic to read, because it's always so exhilarating and fun and I dunno, reinvents the practice of reading for me.

I think there's an element of trust there, too--giving yourself over to a fic when there's nothing familiar to know or expect, and trusting purely on the skill of the writer to take you somewhere you have never been. It doesn't always work; the potential to crash and burn is pretty real. (This is, for instance, what happens every time I watch non-Show television.)

But geckoholic never disappoints in this regard.

Part of my comment:

[Clint and Natasha's] characters [c]ome through so distinctly and fully here. From the way their pasts and personal lives and professional ones and even futures interweave here to their dialogue to the solidity of their narrations, there's just something so vibrant and... I don't even know that this is the right word, really, but robust. They feel like people whose hands you can hold.

And I love the pacing of this, the way their sexual encounters play out and develop and misfire and remain in front of them, even after the explicit moment is over. Again I have to confess my ignorance, so I may not really know what I'm talking about, but the way the kinks function in the text and for these characters feels so real and organic. Stunning, memorable read.

If you're into MCU; or Clint/Natasha; or really smart, sexy, emotionally vivid, many-layered kink play, definitely check this out! Or even if you're not, tbh. You may well be when you reach the end. Which is a good thing, because hear tell there's another part in the works. <3
Tags: fandom recs, fandom: misc., writing

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