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shopping for Sam Winchester, part 2

I clothing shop like a cartoon character. Like, overwhelmingly someone will want to go shopping and I'll come and I'll just find myself looking at variations on exactly what I'm wearing at that time. Like, we were in Chicago and I was just like, oh hey, these are nice jeans.

Then I realized that they were literally exactly the brand and color of jeans that I had on at that very moment. And I mean, don't fix what ain't broke, but jesus christ. I feel like if you're already just going to wear the same pair of jeans for months straight, you should at least own another pair of pants that isn't completely identical to it! People on TV vary their wardrobe more than I do; I am a cartoon. And then sometimes I have Special Occasion episodes where I wear something totally outlandish.

Like, this is me:

And then some days I'm like:

Part of it's my utilitarian approach to clothing (why would anyone need more than one scarf? different colors don't achieve different purposes!), and part of it's comfort. But I'm pretty sure I'm really just that lazy.

Anyway, I'm going through my clothing so I can walk them the .3 miles to the thrift store instead of the .3 miles to my new house, and the hoarder part of me and the minimalist part of me are duking it out. I'm not even sure how many shirts the average person owns, but part of me is like, "I definitely don't need this many shirts!" and the other part of me is like, "but why would I get rid of a perfectly good shirt? Maybe one of the shirts I keep will get worn and I'll have to go buy another one instead of deferring to one of the ones I gave away."

Even though I KNOW that will never happen, because I'll definitely have just purchased another shirt I liked long before that's even at issue!

And what do you do with hand-me-down jeans that are too wide or too tall for you? At some point in my life, I will probably gain weight. I'm probably not getting any taller, but... technically you can roll that shit. It's severely unfashionable and a pain in the ass because the rolls come undone, but it's possible. What if these jeans will be of service in the future??

--Even knowing that I've been carting these dumb jeans around since high school, and I still don't wear them because I'm busy wearing the same one pair of jeans every single day, forever.

Again, cartoon character!
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