Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Farewell, house, you've served me well!

Okay, so I realize that it's probably really weird to post pictures of your entire house, but I just spent the week packing and moving all this shit and I want to pretend you all came to visit and we had a house party! XD

I will miss this house. <3 And I'm proud of the decor--AKA what happens when you're in fandom, living alone, and you have no one to answer for but yourself.

I took these pictures for my landlord's new listing (minus the ones that are obviously just of my fannish stuff), but he didn't want to use them. Apparently he does not approve of the Winchester aesthetic. XP

Or maybe it's the hundreds of rubber ducks in the bathroom.

Lest you doubted the inhabitant of this house was over the age of seven, a more subdued living room, which is Pacific Northwest/roadtrip themed.

Then the desk area, which gives off that rustic obsessive vibe. It's decorated with things from places I've been or events I've organized/attended or mail I've received.

The kitchen! Which is not that interesting, really. But my breakfastmates are always good company. The poetry magnets are actually a special set one of my former housemates had made for me, SPN-themed. :3

The bedroom! Where I spent most of my non-kitchen time. I love my bed and its pillows. And I love my collection of subtle-ish SPN items--like the Winchester Mystery House teacup, the Holy Water, Holy oil, Stanford water, and SPN S6 salt shaker--all gifts. I don't like to have people staring at me from my walls, so I try not to get anything with like, Sam and Dean's gigantic faces on it, but I make an exception for the Fast cast. ;)

Okay. So that was an unnecessary and self-indulgent picspam. But hey, I'd love to see where y'all dwell, or what your fannish altars look like! Almost as good as being there in person. :3
Tags: fandom: misc., fandom: spn, kalliel is a creeping creeper, pics or it didn't happen, strange tales from the midwestern front

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