Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

that AO3 meme going around

Because everyone else is doing it, that AO3 meme~

I realize I've posted like eight trillion times today, but I won't have Internet for a month and I'm having preemptive separation anxiety! And trying my best to avoid writing a conference paper.

Top 5:
Fast & Furious
1327 (49 kudos)

Dry Salvages (44 kudos)
All Your Instruments (43 kudos)
Dew Point (37 kudos)
Barn Burning (35 kudos)

Bottom 5:
Headliners (4 kudos)
mmmm (4 kudos)
Clownfish vs. Constellation (3 kudos)
April Kelly's Body (3 kudos)
Mrs. Kelly speaks to Sunday (0 kudos)

Summary: Nobody loves April Kelly as much as I very definitely do. XD It's okay, bb! <33333 I will love you forever! Grapefruit girl! \O/

Tags: fandom: misc., fandom: spn, mememe, writing

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