Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Dear Summergen Fanwork Creator

Sorry for not posting this sooner! I forgot. So I hope you didn't try to look for this before now. But I just wanted to let you know that you're welcome to as much latitude wrt my prompts as you wish to take. If there's something in them that sparks a thing in you, but it doesn't quite fit or only parts of it do, go for it anyway. If you start a project with a prompt in mind that starts diverging away from the original premise, or in the end doesn't actually resemble the prompt that much at all, go for it anyway. If you have an idea and you're afraid it's something I won't like, go for it anyway. I'm down with anything executed well, and if it's something you want to try out, then I trust your abilities completely.

What I want most is for this summergen project of yours to inspire you, and challenge you, and be a place for you to engage with whatever it is about SPN and about fandom that really gets you revved up and down to be here. ♥

Thanks so much for your work and enthusiasm! And happy fanworking. :DD
Tags: fandom: spn

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