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So yesterday I started on my plotfic for the summer, since I don't have a Big Bang to write this year. The gist of it is some kind of AU from the beginning of 10x18 "Book of the Damned," where Sam, Dean and Charlie buckle down with the Book, only to discover that it's not a reference to be read, but rather a tome yet to be written. Whatever gets written into the book--consciously, subconsciously, it doesn't matter--comes true. Sam sees this as a rare opportunity, because it finally means that they're in charge and they make the rules, instead of cleaning up after someone else's legends, legacies or prophecies. Of course, this is easier said than written, because it turns out he and Dean can't imagine a happy ending to save their lives--like, literally.

Also, Dean is a really, really, really shitty writer.

I started with the coda and wrote the first scene this morning. So far it's pretty, I dunno how to describe it--beefy? In the sense that there's not a lot of nuance to the flavor of it. It's just beef, beating on its chest, proclaiming, RAWR, I BEEF. But writing the first scene gave me a better sense of where Sam's at in this fic and what I'll be doing with him throughout, which I hope will help give the thing more depth of flavor moving forward.

There's going to have to be a lot of editing to come, I can tell already. But editing is a useful skill, so we will cross that bridge when we come to it--and not before! I'm trying my best not to fuss too much over how unimpressive I'm finding this whole thing, and to just keep writing instead of either stopping or trying to jerry-rig things right now. I keep needing to tell myself that I'm not on any time limit, and that I need to be patient and slot through this, so that I can be patient later and really do due diligence with editing when that time comes.

Two things I want to red-flag for myself, for when that editing time comes:

1) The way this story unfolds, and the way it's told, makes it sound like you hate everything. You hate Dean, you hate S10, you hate canon, Dean is terrible and awful and useless. Uhhhhh.

2) That's some pretty tasteless, meaninglessly pulpy violence you got going there, Kalliel. What is this, HBO? I thought this story was supposed to be funny.
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