Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

[Rec] Divebombing by Tyler Barton

It's almost annoying how intensely good this is. This is how you write characters (but not at the expense of narrative/plot).

"Divebombing" is a very short piece by Tyler Barton, and it starts like this:
My boss pronounces “corgi” with a soft “g.” My boss knows the city’s every pothole and address. He prefers the term “criminal” over “crook” and thinks the Safety Coalition has an image problem. My boss makes awkward, unwarranted admissions about his personal life. He seems fifty but might be younger.

My boss talks to the monitors, has a name for every camera, and it sounds like some are named the same as his cats. He says things like, “You’re living in the longest river in Africa—Denial—It’s an old AA thing.” My boss laughs mostly through his nose. My boss zooms in on faces and calls the people by name. Sometimes it’s like he’s looking for his son.
Read the rest at the source!

Fuuuuuuck I wanna write something this good one day!
Tags: fandom recs, writing

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