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Yet another meme

Excuse me while I aggressively fill out memes because life beyond memes is depressing. From vyperdd!

Pick your FAVOURITE season.
List your 5 LEAST favourite
-- episodes
-- non-main characters

Pick your LEAST favourite season.
List your TOP 5
-- episodes.
-- non-main characters

My FAVORITE season: S10
My LEAST favorite episodes:
1. 10x23 "Brother's Keeper" (I'll survive)
2. 10x10 "The Hunter Games" (what was this episode even about, besides the Claire parts? I've seen it twice and I STILL CAN'T REMEMBER)
3. 10x11 "There's No Place Like Home" (eh, more Oz)
4. 10x12 "About a Boy" (I actually loved this, even though it was superficial)
5. 10x13 "Halt & Catch Fire" (I loved this one, too, in spite of its curious disregard for anything beyond its own 42 minutes)

My LEAST favorite non-main characters:
Nah, I couldn't come up with more than one for all ten seasons, I'm not going to be able to come up with five for just one season, especially one with such a stellar bunch of supporting characters and completely random one-off background people. XD

My LEAST favorite season: S8
My TOP 5 episodes:
1. 8x20 "Pac Man Fever" (one of my favorite episodes of all time, actually)
2. 8x23 "Sacrifice" (SAM)
3. 8x18 "Freaks and Geeks" (Dean and Krissy <3; and Krissy and Josephine and that other guy)
4. 8x01 "We Need to Talk About Kevin" (that one shot of the motel against the light pollution, where you could feel the heat sink of the pavement)
5. all the Amelia scenes, scattered across various episodes

My TOP 5 non-main S8 characters:
1. Amelia
2. Linda
3. Kevin
4. Josephine
5. the guy with the Golem
Tags: fandom: spn, mememe

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