Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Master of the Masterlist

THANK THE HEAVENS ABOVE, I finished uploading everything to AO3!

Er, sort of. There's a bunch of comment!meme fills I sort of gave up on uploading, but maybe later when I'm bored/ambitious I'll suck it up and do those, too. I'm kind of disappointed in AO3's lack of support for special formatting, e.g. color, font styles, tables/columns, etc. Lacking these, some fics are just un-postable. >:(

Excepting those undocumented fics, I have written

412,892 words of fan fiction

1239 of which were for The Fast and the Furious, and the rest of which were for Supernatural.

Word Count by Year:

2010: 91,514
2011: 86,371
2012: 22,881
2013: 82, 317
2014: 104,859
2015: 24,950 so far

Well, 2015.

Tags: writing

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