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Codex Gigas

Okay, I'll admit it. This book is way cooler than The Book of the Damned:

One book at the National Library of Sweden stands out among the rest: the Codex Gigas. Bound in wood, consisting of 620 pages that are each nearly three feet long, and weighing in at 165 pounds, it is quite a hefty tome. But it's not the size of the Codex Gigas that is its most intriguing feature. It's the devil inside.

The Codex Gigas was created during the 13th century and initially stored at the Benedictine monastery of Podlažice in what is now the Czech Republic. The manuscript contains the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, as well as an assortment of other texts that tackle everything from practical instructions for exorcisms to seventh-century grammar tips written by Isidore, the scholar-turned saint of Seville.

[...] According to the National Library of Sweden, talk arose of a monk who was walled up at Podlažice monastery in punishment for his wickedness. In an effort to atone, the monk resolved to write the world's biggest book in one night. To do so, he naturally required the help of the devil, with whom he is said to have made a pact. In exchange for enhanced overnight productivity, all the monk had to do was paint a full-page portrait of Beelzebub in the Codex and hand over his mortal soul.

[emphases mine]

Read More --> Objects of Intrigue: The Devil's Bible @ Atlas Obscura

Or maybe our Book of the Damned IS that cool and we just don't know it yet. The prospect of Rowena reading entire chapters about grammar tips has just made me writhe a little with excitement for S11, ngl. XD

Team Rowena Has The Book of the Damned and Fucking Rocks It but Still Isn't the Winchesters' Mortal Enemy Because Mortal Enemies are Boring AF and Also The Darkness and Also All That Blazing Sam/Rowena Chemistry And Also Isn't it About Time We Reprise the Winchester Relationship Bela Occupied But Execute it Without the Unfortunate Truncation of a Writer's Strike?

Who's with me!
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