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[Recs] Christmas in July! Recap

And...that's a wrap! Thanks so much to those of you who volunteered your favorite things you've written this year. I had so much fun reading/viewing everything, my alleged "preferences" be damned (and fandoms, too--I had a blast looking at stuff for Miracles, Girl Genius, hockey RPF, The Librarians, Merlin, SPN RPF, Firefly, and Hannibal!), especially knowing that these were my friends' favorite things, the things they are most proud of.

Which is all an intricate way of saying that together you compiled a whopping list (FIFTY-SIX items!) of some of the very best LJ/AO3/DW has to offer, and if you're in the market for some new fanworks to sink into, that list is a great place to start! From drabbles to artworks to 150k epics, it's all there.

And basically I just want to rec everything, but here are a few of (but certainly not all of) my favorites. I want to gush at length about all of these, but in the interest of not overwhelming this post, I'll keep it brief:

1. The Book of Abel by madebyme_x (S10 gen, Sam, Demon!Dean)

I love the atmosphere to this, the intensity of Sam's drive and the maniac thrust forward that drives him and this narrative home (literally). Really phenomenal, poignant piece. This style of fic is one of the styles I admire most, and when it's used so well, as it is here, it's so very gratifying as a reader.

2. Take Me to Church by runedgirl (post-Apocalypse setting, very much in the spirit of Cormac McCarthy, Dean/Sam)

I adore the setup, Sam's narration of both their Apocalyptic landscape in full but also these very particular things about Dean, seared into the reader's eyes as much as they are his own--verb choice very much intended.

3. All and Nothing by alethiometry (S9 gen, Linda Tran character study)

I feel like all the air just got torn from me--not necessarily in a bad way, or a good way, but in this full and total way. Like the atmosphere's changed around me. I love all of Linda's engagement with the flag(s), complex national histories speaking back her own personal history, complicated and then triply so. I feel her so much here. And I adore the history you've built for her, all her family and girlhood and motherhood and all that awaits her at the end of that road. Also, I've never heard the anti-possession describe more truly and precisely than a star wreathed in flame--that it mimics other stars in this story only makes that more effective. Phenomenal character piece.

4. Do a Good Turn Daily by ramblin_rosie (late season gen, Dean H/C, surprise ending)

OH MY GOD. I may have screamed audibly when that twist came. XD [redacted for SPOILERS] I absolutely love this--from the way you can chart through the narrative Dean's level of cognizance, to the characterizations (even from Dean's limited ability to have a POV, given the givens) of Big and Little, to everything. Funny, surprising, and magically inventive.

5. Swimming by frozen_delight (S10 dreamscapes, Dean/Castiel)

I love the variety of these scenes, and their memories and places and tenors. The opening scene is beyond adorable, the memories poignant, and the more recent bodies of water are terrifying. I love thinking about what Dean realizes here--that if Castiel had really been there, he would have died. Because if you die in a dream, you wake up, according to SPN lore--but if you kill someone in a dream, it's never been stated outright, but it's never been a good sign for their longevity in the material world, either. The danger of that is searing.


Aaaaand there's one more, but I haven't yet formulated all of my thoughts about it, so I will save that for later.

Again, thanks all for braving the discomfort of the self-rec. You give me such happiness. <3333333333333 I firmly believe there should be a space and time for such things, so thank you very much for engaging with me. :) Same time next year?

And lo! spn_summergen has started posting! I'm already behind, as per usual, but I'm looking forward to all those goodies, too.
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