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[Rec] The Way I See You by life_goes_on9

First off, I know spn_summergen started, but HOLY MOLY no one told me it rocketed out of the starting gate and circumnavigated the universe a dozen times??? All of the fanworks posted so far have been absolutely STELLAR. I haven't finished writing my comments for those yet, though, so I'll save those recs for later.

This one I just read elsewhere, and loved:

Title: The Way I See you
Author: life_goes_on9
Rating: G
Pairing: Sam/Jess
Characters: Sam, Dean, Jess (sort of)
Word Count: 809
Summary: "He started to see her everywhere."

During the S8/9 Hellatus I read triple the amount of Trials fic I ever wanted in my life, and swore: NEVER AGAIN. But you know what this is? Hell yes, it's Trials fic. XD The basic premise is that shortly after he reunites with Dean at the beginning of S8, Sam starts seeing Jess. At first in glimpses and snatches, and then as a comforting (or perhaps unnerving, or dangerous) presence. Throughout the fic her role and rules and corporeality and her relationship with Sam shift and change and you can never quite pin her down--and it's just this gorgeous mix of ghostly eerieness and desperately needed comfort.

Spoilers, but there's a scene at the end where Jess holds Sam's hand all the way through the Third Trial, with Crowley. She brushes glass out of his hair. And she's there when Sam says he doesn't care if he lives or dies.

Think about that scenario for a moment. Yeah, exactly. Beautifully ethereal, inscrutable, and deeply poignant. <3
Tags: fandom recs, fandom: spn

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