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+ Only three more chapters to go before editing!! Well, technically four, because the first chapter is extremely, extremely shitty and is probably worse than not existing at all, really.

+ I have a new favorite thing, and that favorite thing is fight scenes. Like, super inelegant, roll-in-the-dirt grunge fight scenes. It's probably not the greatest favorite thing to have, because I feel like while reading the tendency is to...skim them... but it's really fun to handle so much physical movement and description while also doing character stuff. There's two multi-paragraph fight scenes in this fic (one from Sam's POV, and one from Dean's), which is probably about 80% more than my usual, since my sex lasts about four lines and my fights around two. Despite their length I feel like I'm doing a pretty good job of it not just reading like stage directions, or like somebody's video game playthrough, which makes me happy. My one fight scene rule? SAM DOES NOT GET KNOCKED UNCONSCIOUS. XP

Some of this still sort of feels like dumb action movie fodder, though. I can't decide whether I want that or not.

+ My sense of humor is the worst!!!!!!

+ I love imprecise dialogue. I don't care what the writing rules say!

+ Two things I never thought I'd write about, ever:

1. Sam and Dean looking up fan fic (though as it stands, this scene is kind of eh. I dunno)
2. Oz (I didn't like 9x04 OR 10x11, okay)

+ The contents of the unwritten three chapters kind of feel like pointless wheel-spinning right now :F even though they contain the entire conceit that inspired the fic in the first place, and are definitely necessary. But also pointless? idek. Hopefully their necessity will become clear once I get into them. It's so hard to make that jump though. XP

+ This dumb fic has passed the 20k mark, though--20k of id and to date, not much else. o k

+ And also includes the (for now) pointless death of a beloved character?? What am I doing.

But I also don't know how to do the scene without killing them. :\
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