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Unpopular Opinion Time: Old Stuff

Another unpopular opinion:

Everyone has their tropes, pairings, or general fic premises they have hang-ups about reading. As you've probably noticed, I don't have very many of those, as I'm pretty much game to read anything if I'm in a reading mood. There are plenty of tropes I'm not that into (most tropes, actually) and plenty of pairings (most pairings) but obviously I've read plenty of both of these things that I've found fascinating and entertaining and poignant and evocative. Even for de-aging, which tbh still creeps me out. XD

But I think the type of fic I have the most hang-ups about isn't a trope or a pairing at all--it's just old fic. I pulled this fic off of somene's rec post ages ago and only just now read it because even though it sounded conceptually interesting every time I looked at the file I was like, UGH, BUT IT'S SO OLDDDDDDDD.

1) Part of this is because one of my primary stakes in reading fic is that fic comes from a community, something that is alive and peopled with actual people. So when I read I'm interested in what's going on, but also in the writer's relationship to SPN, how they're engaging the canon, what energies and ideas and emotions a fic is bringing to the community of fic as a whole. If a fic is super old, then it's already speaking to some other community that's past; and if its author is no longer in fandom, I care a lot less. Maybe I should, maybe I shouldn't, but I'm just being honest, man.

^ I should take a moment to note that this is obviously not how I approach other work--like books, for instance! XD

2) And part of this is actually the fic itself--I think overall, fic has gotten more ambitious as canon has gotten more ambitious, and both the corpus of fanworks and canon have gotten more voluminous (and this includes fics written in 2015 that are about earlier seasons). Which isn't to say everything we write now is strictly ambitious, nor that it should be--heaven forbid, omg. XP But I think there's a depth and a flavor to what's being written now that just isn't there in the older stuff to the same degree, and couldn't possibly be, just because of what canon was available and what fandom had yet to do.

While obviously there are exceptions and old stuff does all of what I'm about to say quite well, I feel like what fandom's writing right now tends to be a little more seasoned, nuanced, and variegated by sheer virtue of being created in this particular fandom moment, rather than in like, 2007.

This is the part where everyone links me their absolute favorite 500k fics they've read that were written in 2006 that are nuanced and seasoned and fantastic, but please don't. Seriously. XP I know there's good stuff written in 2006 that I haven't read. But there's also good stuff written yesterday that I haven't read, and it's way easier for me to get excited about that!

3) But I think a small part of it is getting to the end of an old fic that was only okay--decently characterized, kind of interestingly plotted, funny, hurty, etc.--and seeing that it has 200 comments. And then just being like... WHY THE FUCK DOES THIS HAVE 200 COMMENTS. THE LAST TWO CHAPTERS WERE STRAIGHT-UP BORING, AND THE REST WAS ONLY OKAY. ARAKHGAKJFKL:HGJHH!!!!

What's Zachariah's line? "Lucifer may be strong... but I'm petty." Man, I love that guy. XD

THAT BEING SAID. Flist! Did I miss any of your Big Bangs or other long fics this summer? If I did, could you please link them to me here, so I can download them and read them on airplanes?? Thanks!
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