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More unpopular opinions (& some popular ones, too!)

Another unpopular opinion! Because it's August, and Hellatus. Lest it seem like I'm just being contrarian for the hell of it, however, here are some decently popular opinions I also hold.

Popular: Taylor Swift is intensely listenable! Smoked gouda is amazing. Access to the Internet is a wondrous blessing. Supernatural frequently uses shades of green that literally no one but The CW is convinced deserve to be real colors (lol).

Unpopular: I adore Amelia Richardson. <3

Having had a few years to think about this now, I think she's my favorite thing about S8. Which puts a lot of pressure on her, really, because my relationship to S8 is kind of like the first half of How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, where I'm the guy and S8 is the girl, bringing me love ferns and trying desperately and increasingly pointedly to drive me away. NICE TRY, SPN. BUT NO DICE. Happy romcom ending for every one. \O/

Loving Amelia Richardson isn't the same as believing Sam and Amelia were True Love, though. Soft glow pastel palettes be damned! XD Because even if both Sam and Amelia might have made some noises about wanting Normative True Love to be their narrative--to me it was more about the impossibility of that, the silly wistfulness of the very idea, than any real notion that that's what that might really be.

Maybe that's what the soft glow was for, haha, because nothing says "lol jk" like aggressive, nearly ironic use of photo filters.

I loved the relationship they had, because it was way strange, but also way necessary. And Sam and Amelia both would have been FAR MORE STRANGE separately than they ended up collectively, this I do believe. And I think sometimes when you're feeling really fucked up you need to find someone else who's fucked up and be fucked up together and have this barbed, ephemeral fucked up relationship and the one day, ultimately leave it in a way that's as fucked up as they way you came into it. Maybe you don't come out of it less fucked up, necessarily, but at least you come out of it, and you leave behind whatever you were before it, and you're in a different place and maybe you'll be okay, even if you're not quite there yet.

Wen you leave, you won't really be able to explain why that had been a thing in the first place, or what it had even been, but you will defend it to your end of days. And that fucked up, desperate, adorable, mean, ugly, lovely thing will never, can never, be a story you tell.

Apart from anything that has to do with Sam, I just really like Amelia for Amelia. I love that she's capable of being a little girl, lost in a romcom fairytale, but also a surly, jaded misanthrope. She's the girl in the bright dress, dancing and laughing, but also the one wearing the same shirt she rode in on, holed up in a motel room with her life a complete mess--a mess that's partly some tragedy that's happened to her, and partly probably her own damn fault. She's sweet, but also mean--maybe downright unpleasant. And more than a little unbalanced. I mean, she did yell at Sam for accidentally hitting a dog and then basically forced some equally unbalanced hobo into dog ownership. XD

But hers is an irrationality that reminds me a lot of having to deal with people who are upset about some unrelated travesty A and therefore react to the present situation B in a manner completely unreasonable, from contexts illegible and therefore unfathomable. And I think maybe that's why I'm in love with Amelia, because I recognize that dilemma, and having to step back and understand that that's what's up. You don't get to see a lot of that in stories, because mostly stories are supposed to help us make sense. But then, sometimes you just really need a fucked up story that doesn't.

I mean, this is just so cute. And weird. And strange. And I love it:

She's just one of those characters that I instantly believed as a real person.

She reminds me of my mother.

DISCLAIMER, I intend this post as a means of self-introduction, not proselytization. I think it's perfectly fine if you don't like Amelia; fandom has thoroughly and brilliantly articulated plenty of reasons why that would be so, from all manner of vantage points! We cool.

...On the other hand, if you start bringing love ferns around, we may need to have a stern talk. ;P

SECOND DISCLAIMER, I actually haven't seen more than half of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. But I actually do want a love fern. Who wouldn't?
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