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[Rec] spn_summergen 2015 recs part 2!

Phew! I'm not anywhere near as behind on spn_summergen as I thought I was, which is good to know. Though I'll admit waking up early to binge-read/view a bunch of wonderfulness is probably just as fun as getting to have one treat per day, every day. XD I'm not all caught up, but here are two of my very favorites since my last rec post:


Infinitesimal (G; graphic/manip; Sam+Dean)
Sam & Dean camping/cooking out next to the Impala in the middle of nowhere.

There's just something about the way this piece interprets its prompt that's like, AH YES, of course. Of course that's what happened. <3 There's such a story to this piece, a sound and the suggestion of signatures of heat. Really lovely, evocative work.


Even Losing You (PG-13; post-6x21 "Let it Bleed"; Lisa & Ben)
The art of losing isn't hard to master. Lisa's getting quite good at it.

This is phenomenal. I love the way the strikethrough text impresses upon the narrative all the missing pieces we as readers are offered but that Ben and Lisa can never have--but what I love most about these pieces of text are that even in their presence, they don't fill any holes for the reader, and we still don't really believe their existence; there's just this psychic block against belief, because the visual of that strikethrough is so ingrained. I feel like that's what it must feel like for Ben and Lisa here, too.

And I feel for Ben so much, because he just doesn't have any way of orienting himself to these absences, and that is terrifying. The way it manifests this horror through his subconscious reaction to Twilight, to being able to fix Lisa's car, is absolutely brilliant. <3

snickfic, I think you asked if any pre-S9/10 ladyfic had been written for summergen so far. This one is great!
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