Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

NYC in 10 Seconds

Obviously there's a lot more to this city than I know, but here's ten shots of my four days here. LOVED IT.

1) Definitely allergic to this city, though. :(
2) And it makes me hate my (so-called) public transportation back home even more.
3) I'm by this point extremely overstimulated, and happy to have spent half of today just working at Columbia's library.
4) Jealous of the circus opportunities here!
5) Food is delicious but jesus, so expensive.

Museum of Morbid Anatomy, Brooklyn

Columbia's metro station

Stairwell somewhere in Manhattan

9/11 Memorial

Staten Island Ferry

Pop Art city

Sailboats in Central Park

India Day Parade

a view from the Highline

Times Square from a cautious distance
Tags: pics or it didn't happen, trufax

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