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spn_summergen recs, part 3!

spn_summergen recs, part 3! Though of course now that I'm caught up I'm definitely about to fall two weeks behind again. But whatever, it's like fic hoarding, right? XD Sometimes you have to stock up!

Down By the Lake (PG-13, ~27k, Ben Braeden, MIke and Asher Sorenson, OCs; case!fic)

“I’d stay away from the water while you’re here. Things down there you don’t want to get near.”

This is a big case!fic that takes a post-6x21 "Let it Bleed," post-S10 Ben as its narrator and joins him with Mike and Asher from 1x18 "Something Wicked," and two very creepy young twins. The result is absolutely capivating--and it'd be a literal page-turner if, you know, fic had pages. What I love best about this is the way it manages so many bodies and personalities through all of this, each one irreplaceable and unmistakable--even the adults Ben himself can hardly keep straight at the beginning. The use of the creepy twin trope here is pretty much the best thing ever--and the everyone's awareness of that trope makes it that just better.

Ben's pain here is exquisite and heart-rending--the idea of having these habits he cannot explain and an emptiness he can't fill is so palpable, and tying that directly to what makes the monster dangerous is a deft touch. I absolutely adore this, and everyone in it.


Run Aground (PG-13, ~6k, pre-series/teenchesters, Sam & Dean)

It’s February on the Maine Coast. John’s away, Sam’s sulking and Dean’s feeling fed up. Oh, and there might just be a case in town.

This fic is exactly what it says on the tin, teenchester case!fic with pre-Stanford angst, difficulty, and restlessness, but as you might have also guessed, it's also so much more than that.

I won't give too much away, but THERE IS THIS PHENOMENAL SCENE WITH SAM AT THE END that I haven't been able to stop replaying in my head. It's just so raw, so vivid, and so much something that I think we all strive for when writing to this particular period, but rarely actualize in such a powerful, immediate way. And there's so much sympathy here for Dean as well, which I think is often a difficult balance to maintain when they are so often flying off on diametrically oppositional trajectories, chasing such different needs. There's a deep pathos to this fic that's inescapable and utterly refreshing and inspiring. Really, I just wish everyone would read this and then read it again.
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