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[Recs] Sam fic, Sam art, Sam gif, and Sam+Dean screencap

I meant to post this first rec a long time ago, but got sidetracked by spn_summergen recs. As a wild change of pace, let's transition from summergen SPN recs to non-summergen gen SPN recs!

This is an intensely Sam-ful post:

1. A Tenancy by de_nugis (PG-13, Sam POV, S10, whimsical headspace (literally and figuratively) bunker!fic)

I couldn't find the summary for this fic, but you really need to just trust Sam and jump in with him here, I feel like.

My [abbreviated] commentary:

I love the whimsy of this, and the texture all of its many cast and characters bring to the table. Sam's relationship with the fae (the paperclip gift-givers! the rhyming bird! the guinea pig!) and the space they afford him in interpreting and sifting through his recent experiences, frustrations, pains, hopes, all of it. I think it's so interesting that in Sam's long history of having to make room for things (to inhabit him or otherwise), in this public service gesture and these new occupants the effect is exactly opposite. <3

Also, Sam's anger at and concern for and contemplation about and frustration at the big whole mess that his him and Dean.

There's just something about this whole fic that's inimitably, unmistakably, and very deeply Sam. And I don't really know any other way to explain it except that This Is Sam, and I love that through this fic there exists that moment, or sliver of time, where there's space to be exactly that.

This is a fic I know I'll be coming back to (have already come back to, multiple times now) again and again. It is pure delight. No, not it's not. But it's a pure concoction of delight and poignance and love and fascination and complete immersion in the world of the story, and that loops us back around to pure delight. Just fabulous.

Not to mention amberdreams's gorgeous artwork!! AND the fact that spn_reversebang is starting up again soon, which birthed both works. So a plug for that challenge as well~ ;)

2. Sam, the day he got his tattoo by petite_madame

If that title and petite_madame's name isn't enough to convince you to click on that link, seriously, where have you been all this time?? If you're new and you don't know PM, or you don't think you're interested in Sam's tattoo, you should probably get on this, because I'm pretty sure you'll be changing your mind pretty quick.

SFW, maybe (there is shirtless dude involved).

3. I'm in Japan right now, and SPN has probably 0.01% to do with Japan, so while I'm here it's hard to remember why SPN is such a big part of my life. (Not that this is a bad thing, since I'm, you know, in Japan. SPN will still be there when I get home. XD) But then casey28 posted one of her Daily Sam images/gifs and I was instantly just like, OH. YES. THAT'S A PRETTY GOOD REASON FOR SPN TO BE SUCH A BIG PART OF MY LIFE.

SFW gif of Sam whippin' his hair back and forth in 8x14.

4. And finally, something that's not specifically Sam, although he's in it: I've decided that following the One.Perfect.SPN.Shot Twitter is one of the best decisions I've ever made. It's exactly the amount of SPN I want on my Twitter feed, and it's all gorgeous. It also relentlessly makes me want to rewatch. But here's a shot from 6x18 "Frontierland" they posted recently.

I really love it, because SPN's doing that sepia-toned thing that they do, but it's just desaturated enough to look nice and kind of classy. But at the same time the frame is so full of ALL the things it also looks like Sam and Dean are standing in a graveyard where props and clip art went to die. idk, I really love that combination, utterly unironically.

In any case, if you're on Twitter, I recommend them!

I miss my boooys. <3 If you're at VanCon, hope you're having fun! Hell, if you're not at VanCon, hope you're also having fun!
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