Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,


As usual, it's midnight and I'm sitting in an airport waiting for my eventual shuttle to the bus stop in Ann Arbor. Only 6 more hours of transit to go! Plus however long it takes me to walk home.

And LAX confiscated my bug lotion! :( This bottle made it through carry-on security at ten other airports this summer (Johannesburg, Frankfurt, Oakland, Pullman, Seattle, Detroit, Phoenix, New Jersey, Burbank, Tokyo) but LAX? Noooo.

Praise be for free Detroit Wifi, though; time to get some work done. And prep for the meeting I have in 11 hours, ahahaha. Also, take note: There ARE some terminals at LAX with free Wifi now! Huzzah! And Sky Harbor has free Wifi now, too.

This is The Future.

Life choices, life choices. Upside, I have a backpack full of Japanese pastries, sweets, and other such confections.
Tags: it happens in detroit, strange tales from the midwestern front, unapologetic hit-and-run

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