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spn_summergen recs, part 5!

spn_summergen recs, part 5! These are the kinds of things that summergen is all about, omg. We're now, what, two months in? And these two fics, in both premise and execution, are SMOKIN' HOT. They make me so happy. :'D

1. The Piper's Calling You to Join Him (R; Sam, S7/8 AU; READ THE WARNINGS; horror)

The year Sam spent in Texas could have gone an entirely different way. The summary for this fic's variation?

Sometimes imaginary!Dean is better than no Dean at all.

My commentary:

I really admire the honesty of this--how, in no uncertain terms, it refuses to back down from the darker, even hateful (but also apologetic, but also hurting) side of grief. I love what you do with Sam's relationship with Amelia here. It's absolutely not glowy, but it's, I dunno. It's given its due here, and I think this fic is very Real Talk about what that relationship could and could not do--for Sam and Amelia both. And how sometimes that's just the truth. I'm babbling. Point is, there are horrid and shattering things about grief and this story does not hide them.

It's harrowing, unflinching, and fabulously well done. I adore this. <3

2. Finding Linda Tran (PG;13, ~22k, Kevin Tran, the Veil)
Summary: A day (or more) in the Un-life of a Prophet of the Lord. At some point, those are actually supposed to get easier, right?

This one's Big Bang length, but please do make some time in your schedule for it, because it needs every word, and rocks the hell out of each one. <3

Come for the macabre (but also peaceful, but also loving, but also distressing) picture of the Veil, which is smart and imaginative and all kinds of perfect. Stay for Kevin's characterization, and his incisive, phenomenal take on who Sam and Dean are, and what happens in the second half of S9, in the wake of Kevin's death (and Gadreel's expulsion).

My commentary:

[This] is just so well-realized and so thoughtful and so scintillatingly, heartbreakingly, inspiringly Kevin. I love the way you've conceived of the Veil and its denizens, all of whom are spirits, apparitions, but absolutely full and palpable characters in themselves--which besides making for a good story makes me really glad for Kevin, because he spent so much of S8/9 isolated and alone. If he had to die, and if he had to be separated from his mother, I feel like we can take some solace in the fact that he had this cast of characters to help him on his way, especially Alexis and Paul.

I love how disjointed your Veil feels, hiccups of people's lives you might find yourself falling into, different Linda Trans eerily stuck on repeat, rules of engagement and death and returning to the other side that twist and elude and somehow must be discovered.

And Kevin's insights into Sam and Dean, as people generally writ, but also as S9 progresses without him, is just stunning. Oh my heavens.

Really fabulous, smart, poignant work. I really hope this finds more of an audience! The world is remiss if they haven't had a chance to see what you've done here. <3333

And if you're a fan of

1) Sam
2) atmospheric, ghostly, but grounded and heart-hitting angst/horror
3) Sam
4) SAAAaaAaaAAAm


3) Dean
4) Death
5) danse macabre, theatre of the absurd, dark foreboding humor/paaaaain

definitely check out last week's recs, too!
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