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[Rec] We Make Our Own Future, from spn_summergen




And RUN, do not walk, to this spn_summergen piece:

Title: We Make Our Own Future
Medium: vid
Rating: PG-13
Length: 4.38m
Genre: Storyvid/Ficvid, AU-ish
Music: Instrumental
Warnings: Heavy on manips, VFX
Spoilers: Canon divergence from the middle of 10.23.
Summary: Prompt: Midnight. A bloodied, battered, and stricken MoC Dean stands at a crossroads. What deal is he making, and will anyone take him up on it?
V/N: An alternate version for the season finale, structured like a mini-episode (plus a post-credits scene). Thanks to cassiopeia7 for the excellent prompts! This is a bit experimental, but I hope you'll like it.

My commentary is spoilery for the conceit of the vid, but here is an excerpt that is hopefully less so:

This is absolutely show-stopping. The music choice, the manipulation of the scenes, the concept--everything. And there's something about this story that can be told only in vid form, I think, that makes this so incredibly special.

It's a testament to [the crazy skill of this vidder] that every clip and line of dialogue folds together so seamlessly--becomes absented of its original context when there is no need of it, but retains those echoes precisely when they'll resonate with their new use. For me, as I'm sure is true of many, sometimes watching AU vids can be difficult because I'm altogether too familiar with that original context, and to see these different things spliced together doesn't always feel whole, because I'm thinking too much about the actual episodes. But here, this vid freaking owns the clips, and instantly as a viewer you're brought into this alternate world where yes, this is exactly what these clips are for, what their story is. And that's such a rare talent.

THIS IS JUST SO GOOD, okay. The moment I hit play my anxiety shot through the roof and didn't quite calm down until [the end] and just. Oh my god. Okay, I'm trying to be articulate, but really oh my god. OMG.

[And there's this spoilery paragraph here about Dean and Dean's characterization in the vid and how extremely perceptive and interesting and challenging I found it <33333333333333333333 Yeah, isn't that intriguing? Doesn't it make you want to watch this vid, if you weren't convinced already? Yes, I think your answer is yes.]

Because on one hand as you're watching [this AU] you're really happy for them, [the forgivenesses and peace they fashion, and so much deserve]. On the other it's an image of [spoilers, lol]. So it's not just this tale where you get to hit a [redo] button and everything is perfect and jazzy--there's an undercurrent of something darker there. But it's also not one of those blood-stained linings where you go back in live an [alternate universe] and everything is actually secretly awful (as Dean finds in 2x20). What they get is sort of a middle ground between the two, promising a path forward, survivance, even as that path agrees that there is indeed darkness in the world. Which is so much a future--specifically a future not a doomed destiny but also not a delusion or a fantasy, like Heaven--Sam and Dean would make.

Just phenomenal. GOD I love this challenge, and I love this. <333333333333333333333333333333
Tags: fandom recs, fandom: spn

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