Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Law and Order SVU: S17

Yup, so I just wept my way through this episode. Last week's episode was sadistic and delightfully classical, and this week's was a demonstration of just how far SVU has come, and is completely on the other end of what SVU, as a TV show, brings to the narrative table.

A rough case, wrenching in how impossible it is to want one side or the other prevail. SVU is at its best when it remembers that the hardest cases are the ones that can't be won, even if the judge rules in favor of the DA, and the letter of the law is followed to a T. It's not about underhanded legal maneuvers, slimy clients, or even, perhaps, fault. Things just get fucked up and unless we, society, commit to making huge changes happen, and making sure the resources are there for everyone, everyone loses.

If the start of Law and Order: SVU's S17 (SEVENTEEN, WTF) is any indication, we're in for a stunning fall season.
Tags: fandom: misc.

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