Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Football Season

+ I watched the first few episodes of Friday Night Lights as part of my annual "it is FALL--do something football-related so I can abstractly understand my students' hype" teaching tradition. (Last year I watched Varsity Blues.) Has anyone seen it? I like the parts where they're actually playing games.

Also, Adrianne Palicki's character, because Adrianne Palicki.

Also, one of the cheerleader girls, because she kind of looks like Danneel and so I imprinted her in my mind as Danneel and now by default, she's my favorite. Danneeeeeeeeeeeeeel~! <3

+ Combined with this summer's earlier binge of the first season of Wildfire (which is basically the same thing as Friday Night Lights, except with horse racing and set in MY HOMETOWN in NorCal), starring Gennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! <3, it has been a pretty good Hellatus for SPN goggling.

+ Also, praise be to whoever decided SPN wasn't going to have a normal TV theme song. Because jesus, both Wildfire and Friday Night Lights have the worst themes, and the worst visuals to go with. The mid-2000s were dangerous.
Tags: academia, fandom: misc., spnfiltration

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