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Summer Writing Goals: Debrief

At some point this spring, a writing evaluation meme went around that some of us turned into a "goals for fic-related things we'd like to do." I think my amorphous goals were things like "write fic that actually matters and actually does things," which I don't think I can evaluate at present, at least not with only a few months intervening but here's how I did with my concrete goals:

1. Write pairing fic: I did this! I wrote Sam/Castiel breathplay. I also wrote 3k of what was supposed to be very loving Sam/Dean but ended up being depressing as hell and just...weird. XP That may see the light of day eventually, but idk. I also made huge headway on a fandomaid pairingfic, but it needs a lot a lot more work.

2. Write a straightforward fucking case fic: I technically did this today, though since that was after the S11 premiere I guess that doesn't actually fall within the deadline. XP I swear I did try to make this goal, but I only wrote half the fic (and am 30k into what I assumed would be 12k total) and then ended up in narrative fisticuffs with Sam, where I remain today.

3. At least start the Sam & Castiel curtainfic: I did start it! I think it will be a fun one to write, though I don't know how successful I'll be with it. I feel like it's shaping up to be the kind of fic that either really works or really doesn't, so we'll see how I do.

There's a chapter where Sam drives around with this woman for quite a while, and the car only has three musical selections: CCR, Taylor Swift, and Boston--mostly because when I was outlining the chapter, that was the music we had in the car. But given S10 and S11's musical choices, these choices are turning out pretty on point!

4. Stop obsessively frittering the day away after posting something, waiting to see if anyone will read it, and not care if that never actually happens: Uh, wild failure on that count. XP Wild, wild failure. This one's going on the Fall Season goal list, for sure!


Did you set any writing goals? (With or without the meme that spurred this particular list.) How did y'all do??? What are your goals for October-December?

I still need to think about mine...
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