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Goals for S11 (October-January)

Okay, I've got my goals all lined up! Since my last goal sheet was focused on trying new things, this next one is going to be all about completing some long-overdue projects. Between now and our mid-season premiere, my concrete completion goals are:

1. Finish fandomaid (x2) by 30 November.

Random Line:
"Cas, you got that whole X-ray vision stuff going for you, right?"
"Not really," says Castiel.
"But you knew exactly where all my ribs were. And I assume you know where my heart is, and my liver, and my--gallbladder, and all of that."
"As do you," Castiel points out. He's not sure where this is going. "Human anatomy is relatively uniform."
2. Finish Childhood series, because tbh it's super awkward that I've written/posted Childhood I and Childhood III but not Childhood II.

Random Line:
"It's funny; all the guys always treat him like glass. If they never get over that, and they're always making sure they don't offend him or like, they're always afraid he's gonna wipe out on his longboard, then I know it's time to go. Because if they're so fucking careful all the time, it means Ben's never really gonna be their kid. You know?"
3. Write the Sam & Castiel curtainfic.

Random Line:
"Man, you need to like, get a dog or something."
"I already did that," Sam protests.  "I've had three dogs."
4. Finish one long-standing WIP not covered by the above three categories. Doesn't matter which one.

5. Keep working on the Dean/Sam/Charlie Book of the Damned fic. I can't promise myself I'll finish that disaster any time soon, but I'd rather it didn't die a dejected death. XP

Random Line:
"Can't those things melt tanks?" Charlie asks.
"We used ours on zombie beetles, so they're smaller.  But yeah, they usually work." Sam seems to think is an adequate explanation.
Charlie's mouth forms a small o.
6. Write for S11, which I'm just putting on this list so I don't feel bad for doing it instead of the other things on this list. XD Look, it's legit! It's part of the goal sheet!

...And uh, wow. Those lines are kind of embarrassing when they're laid out like that. I want to say they make more sense in context but I'm also not sure if that's actually true. Though reading them all as though they were part of the same fic is cracking me up right now. XD THE POSSIBILITIES.

If you haven't already, I'd love to know your fanworks goals for the rest of the year (and/or up until our mid-season premiere, if you too organize life in terms of SPN's calendar, aha)!

Any WIP snippets you wanna share? :D
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