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sad slapstick AKA why is this icon always so relevant?!!

I was going to write up a post about all the ways I was being really pathetic this week--but I think I really just need to give it to myself straight and cut to the chase here:

1. Mini baby headache is not remotely an excuse to sleep in until 7 just to avoid doing something you're afraid of doing because you're not good at it. You know that's why you did that, too. Stop lying to yourself.

2. Don't whine about silly things because when you do you're wasting the world's kindness, seriously. I posted this Tweet about only having Goldfish and a protein bar to eat while I stayed late to meet with a student, and one of the girls in an adjacent program saw it, and texted me asking if I needed anything from Panera because she could go pick it up. Which is such a sweet gesture, but good lord, it was one of those moments where it's just kind of like, see, this whiny bullshit is unacceptable, self. Because if I were really that hungry, there were no barriers between me and going to Panera myself. /O\ Thousands of miles of privilege, good heavens.

3. STOP SENDING TIME INTO THE BLACK HOLE OF "WHERE DID IT EVEN GO." Because seriously, how do you leave the house before 5am and have nothing to show for it but "met with some students for a few hours"??

4. Today I have eaten two slices of toast, an apple, and a bit of chili and rice because I am literally feeling too lazy to eat more food than that (or make it). There are two clementines sitting right in front of me and I'm just like "BUT I'D HAVE TO PEEL THEM." /O\

Also, I started rinsing out the chili bowl before I realized I hadn't actually finished eating. :\

...And then I ate the last forkfuls of water-logged remains for some reason. SO MANY MORE :\\\\\


ETA: A more relevant incentive -- Dear self, if you want 11x02, you had better fucking buckle down and work for it. Go! Go now! Go! You have a week, max.
Tags: a sock in the dryer, strange tales from the midwestern front

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