Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

My thoughts on 11x02 & 11x03

11x02 -- Billie/Tessa femmeslash y/y????

eta: 11x03 -- Rowena makes a very attractive blonde!

eta again: So 11x01 read very much to me as a scattershot of all the things the writing staff envisioned S11 as potentially being able to pick up and run with. 11x02 and 11x03 read to me like 'okay, so with THAT IN MIND, here's a bunch of shit we need to clean up before we start more projects.' Which sounds reasonable to me. XD

Truth be told I'm glad I didn't personally get more out of these eps than that, because otherwise I don't think I would have been able to emotionally handle two eps in a row, and I wanted to catch up before the next episode aired and I got even more behind.

Oh, oh, but my faaaaaaavorite favorite scene in 11x02 was [Spoiler (click to open)]Sam and Dean coming back to the bunker and Dean just looking at that big pile of books. Or rather, the absence of the bodies that once shrouded the floor alongside that big pile of books--which at the end of the day is probably the only thing worse than coming home to your own corpses. Because Dean knows who cleaned them up. And then Dean unsuccessfully making the shakiest, flatest joke. AUGH. <33333

And I think it bookends really well with that last scene between him and Castiel, because it makes clear that yeah, Dean remembers vividly every part of those past few days. And you know what hasn't come up at all?

Oh yeah, all of that.

That stuff.

BE STILL MY HEART. Because I am obsessed with 10x21 massacre after math (and also 10x09, for that matter), and I want EVERYONE TO KNOW IT.

I don't know that this will actually be treated in the Show--I guess it depends on what they decide they have time for--though I'd be over the moon if we got to re-tread and sort out some of what went on last season. If we don't in canon, though, I'm perfectly happy with doing it in little snatches like these scenes, and then letting myself just fic the rest.

massacre aftermath massacre aftermath massacre aftermath <33333

OH and another line I loved was Crowley's angrily asking Dean where all he's even been/what he's been up to. Because the answer is literally 'well, while I busy not hanging out with the King of Hell, I beat the shit out of an angel and slaughtered an entire extended family and shot a child point blank in the head and then I got a friend killed and, I dunno, destroyed some motel property [which Sam seemed disproportionately upset about] and killed Death and nearly killed my brother so you know, busy being upstanding without you, bro. But BRB I need to go slash an infant's throat. I know you don't think I'm serious but let's just say it's been a long damn day.'

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