Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

RBB Art Previews are here!

Calling all SPN/RPF writer friends! spn_reversebang art previews are here! There is SO MUCH cool stuff to peruse, so definitely take a peek and whet your appetite!

Some of the highlights for me:

GUYS there is a Meg (+Abaddon+Lilith) circus sideshow themed one that I AM SO EXCITED FOR.

Also Sam and Dean Dr. Seuss-style art!!!!

And a SWEET, super creepy Ruby/Abaddon one!!!

Also a collage-y desert highway/dragon one!!!

AND DID I MENTION THE MEG CIRCUS SIDESHOW ONE. I need to know who drew this so I can marry them. And then I want to know who's going to be writing with them, so I can marry them, too. *______________*
Tags: fandom: spn, the part where i solicit things

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