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Positive Piggy Bank Day 1 & 2

How Sam/Dean is this quote, c'mon now:

You and I are Home. Not in a house full of bed and chairs, dishes and toothbrushes, but in undeniable covenant. Home is the possibility of return.

- Lois-Ann Yamanaka

I am extremely pleased with my new car pillow. <3 The lovely quickreaver designed it, too, which makes it extra extra special!

Check out her Society6 page~

This is the first time I've ordered anything from Society6; the print quality is great, highly recommended.

I smiled like a loon when I looked in the mailbox, and then smiled like a loon some more after I put the pillow in. HAPPINESS.

Also, I signed up for this study where you're supposed to log and reflect on one thing that made you happy every day for 30 days, so I figured I'd post mine here and entreat anyone interested to do the same. Though man, whoever enters in this data is just going to be, who is this person, what is Supernatural, and WHY ARE ALL THESE HAPPINESSES ABOUT EITHER THAT OR FOOD.

Materialism. \O/

So, Day #2 is this pillow, and Day #1 was finding the campus cows.

I grew up in a house that abutted cow hills; they've never been anything special, and were occasionally a nuisance when they ended up in the yard. And I've seen like, giant state fair cows. But these were of a different class.

They were just so obviously strong, and agile, which is NOT what I usually think about with cows. And they had these huge horns and they made me understand how bullfighting is a thing.

They are beautiful. <3 Also, on campus. Cows, on campus.

& 11x05 tomorrowwwwww
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