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Repentance Recipe

Okay. The grilled cheese and the ice cream were amazing, but here is a repentance recipe. I gave up on cooking like 6 months ago because prelims, but here's a good recipe I made up today that requires almost no effort and no precision whatsoever! DUMP AND GO, that's my ideal.

Pumpkin Curry Udon/Rice Bowl, AKA Fast, Warm Food for Days
3Tbsp Thai curry paste (I used red)
1.5C coconut milk
1C water
1 can pumpkin
2tsp fish sauce
1tsp lime juice
arbitrary amounts of tofu, mushrooms, udon
copious pickled things as toppings
honestly, literally anything else you want to put in (potato, carrot, celery, chicken, etc.)

These amounts needn't be exact; I basically just dumped arbitrary amounts in, so know that these are already guesses and that with the exception of the curry paste, it's all very forgiving. You can used canned coconut milk, which will be creamier (EXTRA creamy with the pumpkin!), but I used carton coconut milk because I happened to have some.

Bring the coconut milk to a boil and stir in curry paste until dissolved. Add water, pumpkin. Add everything else (your tofu, mushrooms, noodles). Simmer. Add fish sauce to taste. Add lime to taste.

Serve as a soup, or over rice (it will thicken considerably the longer you leave it out). Top with picked garnishes of your choice--pickled ginger, kimchee, various tsukemono, etc. If you make it too spicy at first because you got a little overzealous with the curry paste (totally not speaking from experience), it will mellow out if you leave it in the fridge for a day.

If you add chicken to this recipe, my advice: Boil a small amount of coconut cream (the thick top part of your can of coconut milk), and add small pieces of raw chicken. Coat and simmer ~20min or until chicken is cooked/mostly cooked. Then add the rest of the coconut milk and continue as above.

Quick, easy, relentlessly forgiving, and you can add almost anything into this. Random bag of assorted frozen veggies? Random cans of garbanzo beans? JUST PUT 'EM IN.

This dish is indigenous to southeastern Michigan, and is some scandalous bastardization of Thai, Japanese, Korean, and American cuisine. Depending on what you start putting in your curry, you could probably also bastardize Indian cuisine while you're at it!

Makes ~6 servings.
Tags: strange tales from the midwestern front, wow i actually don't have a tag for this

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