Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Serious Meta

I randomly decided that I needed to rewatch 2x06 "No Exit" today. Ah, the simple days, when all that was required of an episode was a case and a dash of character development! And not even for Sam and Dean--the character who got developed the most in 2x06 is actually John (and the Harvelles, but really, John), and he's been dead for five episodes. Of course, to learn the most about a character after he's dead and gone--even in the absence of a ghost, manifested--is so much in the spirit of the supernatural, and so much a par for the course of the Winchesters.

I digress. What I really meant to say here was that jesus, Sam was epically chilled out during this whole ep. XD Like...

Dean: omg Ellen's going to be mad at me :S
Sam: w/e man, coffee 8D

Dean: omg Jo disappeared into the walls :O
Sam: cool story, bro 8D

Dean: omg Jo D;
Sam: uh huh, yeah you said that already 8D

Sure, maybe this was for plot reasons, because the episode is about Jo and Bill and Dean and John and grief-driven familial legacies, and Sam's still kind of like, yeah, I'm so not here for that, wake me up when September ends, etc.

But as of S10, eight and a half goddamn years later, we know the true reason for Sam's chill. It's really all just a forced veneer of stoicism because inside Sam's just like YAY OMG H.H. HOLMES MY FAVE MULTIPLE MURDERER THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER SERIAL KILLERS YAY. NOW I CAN DIE HAPPY. / WAIT, FUCK. SCRATCH THAT FROM THE RECORD. TBTB, YOU DIDN'T HEAR THAT. / ...H.H. HOLMES THO. :D

I mean, jesus, look at this face:

Tags: fandom: spn, salt being a spirit deterrent, sam!kinks

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