Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Environmentally Conscious Bathroom Shenanigans

Deep, deep in the fibers of this swaddling tool called SPN...


So my brother's in the shower, and at my mother's house the showed curtain is a piece of shit. It's see-through, for one, and there's really only half a shower curtain because it looks like something took a bite out of it.

But I'm like, whatever, man, I wanna brush my teeth. So I walk in, get some toothpaste, and wander back out, because I don't give any fucks. And as I'm walking down the hallway brushing my teeth naturally I just zone out and I'm like, yeah I'll bet Sam and Dean don't give any fucks either.

And then I was like, does the number of fucks given depend on whether it's a gen or a slash 'verse? And I figure, uh, probably not; the only difference is in the slash version they' have to decide whether they walk down the hall or climb in the shower.

Anyway, I finish brushing my teeth, and I go back to the bathroom. My brother's pulling his shirt on at this point and he's just like, "You know, you comin' in here is one thing, but you turned the light off when you left!!"

And I was like, lol, did I really? For some reason at this point he's still got the light off, so I turn it back on and just walk away again. XP Hey, at least they were environmentally conscious bathroom shenanigans!


Also, Episode 540 of me zoning out into SPN land--this past September, my mother gave my sister her car. So we've been driving around all over the place, and my sister's been doing all the driving because, you know, it's her car. And it's just weird, man, because when it was my mother's car I'm the one who always did all the driving around. I'm not sure why; I guess because I'm older and that means I drive? But ownership trumps age.

So now I'm wondering, at what point did Dean driving the Impala, instead of John, stop being weird for Sam? At what point did the Impala become Dean's car for Sam?
Tags: fandom: spn, mistaking reality for spn again, salt being a spirit deterrent

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