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Holy crap, I just had the best dream I've ever had in my life! (That didn't break my heart when I woke up and realized it wasn't real, anyway.)

I dreamt I was watching the best goddamn episode of SPN ever made. *_____* I know this, because after we finished watching (who "we" is, idek, but it was someone who hadn't been in SPN fandom for like three years and someone whom I'd met more recently) I spent like ten minutes basically just repeating that over and over. XD

The details of the dream don't matter, because they never do, and I ain't even upset that I could not begin to tell you the premise of this alleged episode. Dream logic is shit, so it's not like the actual story would have held up outside the ~realm. But it was just this crazy, drop-dead beautiful horror story. It was like the whole thing was filmed in prisms, off-kilter and the ground unsettled. The visual was completely stable, but somehow you could just tell; there was a wrongness there. You could tell. In the tag, they've cornered the monster ("corner" being both a tenuous location and a very tenuous state of captivity) and she's denouement-ing, of a sort. And she hits this note of true terror-sublime, resolving unresolving everything and nothing before the cut to credits, "Executive Producer Jeremy Carver." (I think this was supposed to be like 11x18 or something.)

The best part was, the whole thing was filmed in that odd, dark palette of awkward CW green; there were definitely creepy SPN kids; it was set in a sanatorium (this one, actually); and the sublimity of that final scene didn't derive from some elegant, literary restraint SPN exercised that day (and heaven forbid they ever attempt to IRL)--rather, it was this perfect execution of the terror sublime edging its toe over into being a little luridly over the top. <3 Nailed it, SPN. Perfect landing.

So is this my version of a "perfect landing, son" dream? And does that mean I get to have it every couple months??! Guys, I'm having some kind of meltdown/trip and I've watched more SPN in the last week than I have in the last five months combined. IS THIS SPN NIRVANA. IS IT ENLIGHTENMENT.

<3 <3 <3 I am giddy with terror sublime <3 <3 <3
Tags: fandom: spn, salt being a spirit deterrent

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