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dumb spn stuff i think about

1. Sometimes I read fic and there will be some detail and I'll be like "but Kevin's not Chinese..." But THEN I'm like, well, I guess we don't really know that. We know his dad is Mr. Tran, according to Linda, so like as not Linda took his name. So Linda could be Chinese for all we know, making Kevin half/half, and these fics' mentions of Chinese this or that totally legit!

I always write the entire family as Vietnamese, though. What about you guys?

2. One night, in bed, did post-S5 Dean ever tell Lisa about her "Gumby girl" designation? Did they laugh in the sheets about "does that make me Pokey?"?

In the actual Gumby Show, Gumby meets Pokey after Pokey has wandered away from his Wild West storybook. (In Gumby there are a bunch of books Gumby and friends can slip into--it's very meta.) Farmer Glenn (Pokey's owner) puts out a 100 ice cream cone reward for Pokey's return, though Gumby can't actually eat ice cream because it freezes his clay. Anyway, the point is--!

Does post-S6 Lisa sometimes have weird Gumby dreams, wisps of things Castiel didn't understand and couldn't effectively erase? Does she dream of Gumby, and Pokey, and that Wild West storybook? Does she dream of a tall, soulless Farmer Glenn? (Or is Farmer Glenn an angel in a trenchcoat?)

Tags: fandom: spn, i can't watch tv like a normal person

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