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Law and Order SVU 17x09

So, my catchphrase for 2016 is "you do you." Workin' on it--will work harder on it after prelims--but ahahaha, omg, SVU has apparently taken the same vow, and it's not messing around.

The mid-season finale ended in a sudden character-based cliffhanger.

The mid-season premiere began six weeks after the cliffhanger, with everything completely fine, no mention of any drama whatsoever, and stopped being a part of the episode approximately 1.5 minutes in.

It's like they opened up shop on writing and were like, eh, you know what? I'm not really feeling this cliffhanger, or this arc. Fuck it, let's just move on and pretend it was never a thing. AND THEN DID EXACTLY THAT, no shame, no apologies, no justification. They just went and did the thing. It reminds me of this one time my piano teacher was explaining what you should do if you make a mistake while performing, and she brought up this harmonica concert she'd been to. (Yes, a harmonica concert.) Anyway, the guy had been playing fine, as far as she could tell, but he stopped suddenly, announced without any further explanation that he was going to start over with a different song, and did exactly that. Good concert, she said.

That is exactly what SVU just did, and you know what? Props.

Sure, it was the equivalent of tuning in to 11x10 and having Sam in Aruba sunbathing with Lucifer, and to then cut from that to Dean, like, randomly hunting a random werwolf in Vermont for the rest of the episode, but still. Props for having the cojones to refuse shame??

You do you, SVU. Youuuuu do you. XDDDDDDD

In other news, I have gone through all the prelims notes I took in October, and all of them for authors whose surnames start with "A."

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