Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

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I watched the first two episodes of The Flash because

1) my sister loves it
2) I feel network solidarity, because when we aired behind it our viewership rose <3

I think there are probably other things I would rather be doing, particularly because I have zero attention span for television/movies right now (last night I fell asleep during the first episode of Making a Murderer... SORRY, SOCIAL JUSTICE).

My favorite thing about the Flash, though, is that the guy who plays Detective Green in Law and Order (and Law and Order: SVU, and Law and Order: Criminal Intent, and Law and Order: Trial By Jury...) PLAYS THE MAIN DETECTIVE IN THE FLASH. FUCK YEAH TYPECASTING. \O/ THE BEST KIND OF CASTING.

Also, this guy has ages approximately zero years in the last SEVENTEEN YEARS. What the hell?

Tags: fandom: misc.

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