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Coldest Hits Challenge

More things on my AO3 wishlist: I wish you could remove kudos you left on accident!!!!! Like... un-starring or un-hearting or un-liking, on their respective social medias.

Not because I accidentally kudos'd something I hated, haha. I just fucked up!

So I got this fic notif in my inbox, so I looked at the header info, and the tags were just this...mess of unhinged wanky bullshit. And I was like, wow, that doesn't sound like that person at all! (Like, to the point that even I could tell, even though it's AO3/I don't know what I'm doing/I've never spoken to this person.)

After some sleuthing: The fic was written for some challenge on Tumblr called the Coldest Hits Challenge, which is all about trying to write and post a fic that will get the least number of hits/kudos/comments, as a sort of therapeutic effort to deal with actual fics that actually present with those symptoms. Which can be read as exceptionally bitter, maybe, but they seemed very playful about it, which I liked. (Though I gotta say, most of the players are shit at that game. Not to knock their prowess, but I'm a natural talent! :P)

Anyway, long story short, I accidentally left a kudos because I thought it was a cool challenge, but then I realize that the winner of the challenge is supposed to get the LEAST number of hits/kudos/comments, so I actually did the author a disservice, lol. AND I WANT TO APOLOGIZE AND EXPLAIN but I have no way of actually contacting this person, so. I guess I will just exert myself on LJ instead and say that I think this Coldest Hits Challenge thing is funny and I like it and I'd be kind of interested in creating an LJ comm where fandom could chill out and talk shop and craft summaries and get feedback and book-club fics while sitting around in beanbag chairs and eating pizza.

Which I realize is basically describing what social media is supposed to be, as a whole, in the first place, but I don't know how often we truly achieve that! So I'm gonna think about how to make this journal feel more like that, somehow, maybe? Even though it already is that, sort of. IDEK. Okay, I'm done.

tl;dr I found a cool thing and sort of fucked it up but it's still cool!
Tags: fandom: spn

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