Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Decadal Oscillation

This was inspired by a comment thread I had with sillie82, because I realized that as of now, I've been in SPN fandom for longer than all of my other previous fandoms combined.

And like, my time in my previous fandoms doesn't seem short. They were full of experiences, and friends, and writing, and really great things. Looking out towards Wednesday and 11x10, though, will be looking at my seventh year with SPN. This is more than three times the amount of time I spent in any one of my previous fandoms, and, again, longer than I've spent in all my other online fandoms combined.

In some ways seven years also feels like a long time--my interests and impressions and opinions on conduct have shifted a lot. Meatspace!me has moved like seven times, attended three schools, visited ten countries, fifteen states, and held five different jobs. My experience of fandom, and whom I experience it with (fellow fans and characters alike), changes every year. But fandom has always been there, and fan fic has always been there, and so have Sam and Dean.

I should admit that I've never actually seen any of my fandoms through to their canon's conclusion. I'm uh, really bad at that. For two of three, I've never even gone back to at least look at the finale. I just never felt the need. After a year or two, I'd always felt ready--like I was done, completed. And I moved gradually and peaceably and experimentally into the next horizon.

With SPN, here I am in 2016, and I don't feel done at all. In fact, the most done and complete I've ever felt was in 2010, before I'd even properly began. XD I feel like there is so much story left to learn and read and write and tell, within the book and without. ♥
Tags: fandom: misc., fandom: spn, these things matter

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