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Wait, this is what I actually meant to post.

BUT I DIGRESS. This is what I actually meant to post in the last post before I waxed all nostalgic about SPN, lol. I looked back and sampled some old fic, because I was trying to figure out how long I'd spent in each of my previous fandoms. Some things I learned:

- 10 years ago I DID NOT KNOW WHAT "HET" MEANT. I was looking at a drabble I'd written in January 2006 labeled "implied het" and I was like, LOL it's talking about this dude's lips on this gal's breasts, I'm pretty sure that's not implied het. Then I realized I probably thought het meant smut, as in het : "in heat" vs. het : heterosexual...

- The horrific similes I employed in 2006 were meant to be pretty and artful and purple. The horrific similes I employ in 2016 are almost exclusively property of Dean Winchester.

- My fic in 2006 is best described as "well-characterized but philosophically and stylistically muddled."

- There are things I wrote in 2006 that I do not remember at all, even after re-reading the title and summary.

- Almost verything that honestly bothers me about my own prose and the prose in other people's fics is because it's all stuff I've done and/or still do. The overemphatic use of italics, neologistic compound words, pseudo-philosophizing, overdetermined stylistic tics or structures, prose of conventional beauty...

- In 2006 I wrote the world's worst summaries. In 2016 I still don't know how to write a summary, but I've stopped trying that hard. XD In 2006 I Tried Very Hard.

- In 2006 the natural length my fics tended to reach was between 300-2000 words. Right now it's 2500-5500 words.

- The longest fic I'd written in 2006 was 52k. That's, uh, still the longest fic I've ever written by a good 12k.

* Incidentally, the shortest fic I've ever written was in 2010, and it was 2 words. The prompt was "colorless" and the whole fic, plus some whitespace, reads: "Heaven is."

Let's see what you got, 2016!

If you've got the time/inclination, I'd love to see what comparisons and assessments you can make of your fanworks in 2006! Or whenever you first started writing for the Internet. Lay 'em on me! :)
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