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So, IRL I'm a PhD student studying environmental justice at the intersection of Native and Asian American literary and/or cultural productions, including environmental policy, activism, and law. This mostly means I think a lot about America (including Canada and Mexico, though generally at their borders with the US), generally in the 19/20/21st centuries, generally in the West. There are, of course, transnational intersections, but generally, again, in the West, and sited within and across the Pacific.

What this means is that the Atlantic, Europe, and anything before 1860 is a land of mysticism to me.

Right now I'm taking a seminar in Animal Theory (don't ask me what that even means; I have no idea yet). Theory is also basically mysticism to me. We're getting some rudimentary texts under our belt, which means pre-1860 Continental philosophy and whatever else inheres in such. So far in the course reading that I have done ALL IT MEANS. IS ROWENA HEADCANON. And sometimes Amara, and Castiel.

THE ENTIRE CONTINENT OF EUROPE. AND EVERYTHING WRITTEN OVER THERE. And what it all boils down to in my mind is "this is the stuff of Rowena's being."

Too bad Rowena is not an acceptable topic of discussion in class, because these notes I've just written are otherwise completely useless. XP

But really, if you're reading up on Origin of Species and pushback with respect to treading the divide between animals and humans and how definitive that distinction was, and how readily it could be superceded in theory as well as in practice (racism against the Irish or Moorish, for example, with respect to their greater affinity with dogs than civilized Brits) the only reasonable course of action is to think about how spellwork functions and what the theory behind Rowena's spellwork is (since a truly trained witch, certainly, must concern herself with theory if she is to be anything more than pawn--there is more to the art than recitation, dictee). How does one begin to theorize and adapt an attack dog spell that will address the constitution of an angel, for instance? And what skill is required to remove it? It's not an applique. Things weave and twist and stretch. Magic is a life thing, and permeable. Not to simple as a grocery list and a book of words. How much base material did Rowena glean from her readings, knowledge of lore--pagan and Biblical? What pieces did she extrapolate from Castiel himself, her sense of his Grace but also his responses to her jibing, her questions? A fish who thinks it's people needs must require a very particular magic.
Tags: academia, fandom: spn, salt being a spirit deterrent, spnfiltration

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