Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

I've been deprived of the cute turtle breads. :(

Mostly I've felt :SSSSSS this week but here are the bright spots:

1. Mentally wrote my Sunday/Dean's birthday into weird parallel world fanfic to make myself feel better:

- woke up at 5am to work on an archive, part of which involved this woman recounting her fin de siecle youth where she was visited by apparitions of bloody, ritually maimed bodies

- had what I thought was going to be a work meeting but ended up being someone confessing their crippling caretaker tendencies and some really bad news re: a mutual colleague's current straits

- drove excessively far for a meeting I didn't really want to go to, only to realize that half the people in attendance were nuts (similar to how one might greet a gathering of hunters attempting to collaborate on literally anything, I imagine) and that the thing I just signed on to do was about to be a completely futile effort beyond all assistance I could possibly give (similar to the non-assistance I was able to offer the person at the first meeting)

- stopped at that bakery that had the cute turtle breads I shared a few months ago so that I could eat a cute turtle bread in Dean's honor, BUT IT WAS TOO LATE IN THE DAY AND ALL THE BAKERY HAD WAS NORMAL, BORING BREAD. This was a lot more heartbreaking than it probably needed to be, but it was like. I just wanted one thing to be nice today! Goddamn! XP

Anyway. All of that was made less horrible by experiencing it through the lens of aggressive SPNfiltration. Just your casual low-key Winchester Sunday. :3

The other day, I also found my new favorite cute D/C passage. It pings my thingstiel/thingchesters kink pretty hardcore. Even though I don't typically consider myself a reader of cute, nor cute D/C, I can't get over how much I love this.

It's from a fic that's an AU from the end of S6. In this part of the fic, Sam and Dean end up going to Purgatory together in order to save/retrieve Castiel, and Castiel is carrying both their souls back out (the way Dean did for Benny in canon). Dean gets his cleanfreak side on here, and Castiel realizes that their Profound Bond is allowing Dean to cleanse the otherwise mortal wounds Castiel suffered in Purgatory.

[G]et out of my way, Sammy. I'm working.

Castiel frowned. Working? Dean, what do you mean?

Dean’s soul swelled and sagged in an equivalent of a shrug. I dunno. Cleaning, I guess.

Cleaning what? Sam asked.

Stuff. Dean replied. Everything. I don't know. I feel like I'm made of Scrubbing Bubbles or something and I just need to get everywhere or something bad will happen. His voice turned petulant. Just leave me alone for a little bit. This is hard.

Placing a hand to his chest, Castiel observed Dean’s movements deep inside his grace.

D'aww. How cute is that? SCRUBBING BUBBLES!DEAN. It's from the All This and Heaven Too... It Means Nothing Without You series by amberannh, which was written for the DCBB. No explicit content--instead, intimate soul-bonded gen! With lots of Sam, which I liked because I tend to get sort of anxious if I'm reading non-minor character fic and Sam isn't present. XD
Tags: beekeeper!dean, fandom recs, fandom: spn, mistaking reality for spn again, strange tales from the midwestern front

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