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Yup, still taking this animal studies course. Yup, still #spnfiltrating like no tomorrow. But honestly, some of this Biblical stuff is screaming for it. Disclaimer: Not Christian. Not Jewish. Not Muslim.

But irrespective of my lack of credentials here, take this passage from Clarice Lispector:
And everything that crawls on the ground and has wings shall be imund, and shall not be eaten.

I opened my mouth in fright to ask for help. Why? Because I did not want to become imund like the cockroach. What ideal held me from the sensing of an idea? Why should I not make myself imund? Exactly as I was revealing my whole self, what was I afraid of? Being imund? With what? Being imund with joy.

Obviously there's a lot going on here, and I won't bother getting into all of it because nobody needs any more school in their lives, really. But Basically what Lispector's ruminating about here is that one time she stepped on a cockroach and stuff squirted out of it, but the cockroach still survived, and she felt compelled--God knows why; literally, only God knows why--to put it in her mouth.

She's at first afraid of inheriting the cockroach's status of being imund, which is often translated into English as being impure, or "unclean."

You know, that word Sam was on about in S4/5/8 and that word Billie used to describe him again in 10x01.

But what Lispector points out is that that's actually not a very exact translation (thanks for that, The English Language!). Because imund is from immonde, from mundus (the world).

Imund isn't so much impure or unclean as it is out-of-world. Beyond the confines and definitions of our world--that is, God's world.

To be imund, then, is to be precisely who you need to be when you're facing down God and His sister, the Darkness. <3

I don't have any specific point I wanted to make with this foray, but I wanted to share it because I feel like this is something I think Sam would appreciate Castiel pointing out at some point post-10x10, [Spoiler (click to open)]were Castiel, you know, around to be pointing things out. D:

ETA: GUYS. XD My intent here was to talk about Sam Winchester IN LIEU OF LISPECTOR/CIXOUS, not the other way around! XP I actively dislike Helene Cixous, which is why Sam was coming to rescue me!


Also, this:

In the last three hours of the day, God sits and plays with the Leviathan, as is written: “you made the Leviathan in order to play with it.”

—Talmud, Avodah Zarah

...Talmudic proof that God is apparently an aggressive nine year old? XP
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