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Letters to Friends

I realize it's only been like...four days since my last bout of quality time with LJ, and that four days is nothing. But it's been a JAM-PACKED and frankly rather unpleasant four days, okay??

I went back and read all your entries and commented on 999 things, and I feel so at peace. I love hearing everything you have to say, from your lives beyond the Internet to your creative endeavors to, of course, all things SPN, and I value deeply all you share. Being able to partake of these pieces of you makes me so happy!

I haven't started on the fic (so many goodies!) but I'm definitely looking forward to them this weekend. :)

I think some things I need to get better at:

- Allowing myself LJ/SPN time, regardless of whether I've finished my work or not; because let's be real, that is an endless thing. But I just end up feeling GUILT about fun if there's not really time for it, which makes everything WORSE. XP I just need to be like, self, it's 15 minutes. You will not really be any worse off than you would be if you worked all 15 of those minutes. Plus, you'll be happier.

- Less Twitter. Twitter is easy and temping because you can just scroll past stuff when you're waiting for meetings to start or streetlights to change when you're walking places, but I honestly think Twitter makes me unhappy. I mean, content-wise it's the one place I ever see an abundance of wank. But like, I NEVER see the actual wank, just people wanking about wank or about wankers, and it's frustrating as shit because it's like jfc NIMBY. NIMBY NIMBY NIMBY. Which is a poor solution IRL but I think it's a perfectly decent on where fandom is concerned. XD

But mostly it's that it feels so passive to me. Not that you can't converse there, or Star things, or whatever, but for every act on Twitter there's a thousand silences and I think without LJ/conversation to balance that out it makes me crazy.

Also, the other week my housemate asked me what I'd done over the weekend (she went to Nevada and did epic rock climbing; I stayed home and felt jealous and inadequate and bad about myself). But I also caught up on LJ. So I told her, "I wrote a lot of letters to friends."

I told milly_gal that "letters to friends" was apparently my new euphemism for Livejournal. I think it's kind of cute! XDD

These have been some thoughts.
Tags: i use lj the way other people use tumblr, we don't have time for your blah blah bl

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