Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Dream Diary

On Monday, I had a dream I was swimming in the mouth of a whale shark.


On Tuesday, I had a dream I was under the belly of a great white shark, the diameter of whose mouth was 30 feet across. Not daring to breathe, I thought, How strange. They don't usually get that big.


Then, on Wednesday, I discussed sharks with Jensen Ackles. I told him all my favorites, offered him (incorrect) facts about basking sharks.

Then I said, "Wow, I'm sorry, I think I meant to be having this conversation with Paul Walker."

And my dream sister said, "He was very professional about all that."


In Thursday's dream, I was at an academic conference which took place at a campground in a forest. Naturally.

Also naturally, J2 and I had carpooled there.

On the last day, I was on my way to pack my bag when I got waylaid by a fifteen-year old boy who was hoping I'd give him feedback on his paper, because he was applying for a grant to develop some trans-teens-memoir resource. He was extremely talkative and apparently had 1) a husband, and 2) had just run a marathon, which is why he was waiting until the end of the conference to solicit feedback.

I agreed to read the essay, and thought to myself, 1) fifteen-year olds shouldn't be running marathons; their bodies are still developing; it's not healthy. And I thought, 2) huh, I guess fifteen-year olds usually aren't married, either.

So I rushed back to my campsite and had another bizarre conversation with Jensen, who apparently knew a whole lot about the varying styles, bells, and whistles where backpacking packs were concerned.

And I thought, well, at least it's not like that shark conversation.

While I was explaining why I was late in packing--this fifteen-year old wanted to give me his contact info so I could edit his essay--Jared interrupted to say, "Aww, I really liked that kid!" because apparently, they'd met and spoken previously. Probably about AKF. I don't know.

Anyway, I explained that oh, I did too, but he's just why I'm late.

Then the kid walked by, accosting these two black dentists, because apparently he also wanted to be a dentist when he grew up.

So like, this kid was a fifteen-year old trans activist/grant-writing memoir workshop leader/marathon-running/husband-having aspiring dentist.


Where did he come from?
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