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Writing Buddy?

- I finally saw 11x11: I know this comes as a complete surprise, BUT I LOVED IT LOTS. YAY. <3

- The other day, fufaraw was telling me about this thing where people are challenged to mail something every post day in February, which seemed daunting. But I'm gonna give it a shot! I selected which cards were going to which person and put them all on my coffee table. Tomorrow...the real work begins.

- Speaking of February, I gave myself until February to get my shit together. I don't know that I've actually succeeded, but TOMORROW'S FEBRUARY so I guess the time has come. Frank it! XP

Anyway, I was wondering if anybody (or bodies) would be interested in being February Writing Buddies? I don't mean in the sense of those write-together or word war things (they're not my thing), and at this juncture, not looking to share or discuss work or anything hardcore. But this is how it would go:

1. We share our writing goals for the week. They must be CONCRETE and MEASURABLE, i.e. "write x number of words in total," or "x number of words per day" or "x hours per day."

2. Periodically, we check in with each other and say yes, I met my goal! Or no, I didn't, but I came this close! And then whatever other reflections, struggles, triumphs we'd like to share. Frequency depends on whatever we decide together--daily, twice weekly, weekly, etc.

Low-key stuff, focused on the act of writing/habit-making itself, rather than on the product.

Let me know if you'd be interested, and we can work out the finer details together! :)

My February Writing Goal: Write 5AM-7AM except on teaching days (M & W). (Though achieving this goal should not preclude academic writing at other times of day, pfft.)

Writing that counts: conference paper, dissertation prospectus, fan fic

Writing that does NOT count: LJ, paper journaling, student paper prompts/assignments/lesson plans, emails, letters, comments on LJ, comments on student papers
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