Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

What's in YOUR wallet?

For citrusjava and the "what's in YOUR wallet?" meme!

Because I love ephemera to pieces. Like, a lot a lot. <333333

Impala photo shoot plans from my brother (circa 2010)
- facts about solar system, in case you ever get bored
- $$$
- student ID card
- Girl Scouts and JACL membership cards
- Pokemon card I found in the snow at a bus stop once
- family portrait circa 2011
- fast and furious 6 ticket, from the second time I saw it in theatres...
- three fast and furious 7 tickets from all three times I saw it in theatres...
- blood donor card. I'm O+!
- periodic table because hey, you never know
- ruler card, which also helpfully discusses several invasive insects of Minnesota
- receipt for the Idaho inn, which I actually didn't know i was still carrying around!

Not pictured: drivers license and credit cards, since that info really shouldn't be on the Internet. :P though since you now all know my blood type I guess I'm more susceptible to anime love spells and attacks by vampires who are picky eaters.

What's in your wallet, flist?? Or alternatively, in the pockets of your favorite characters??

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