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Friday Made of Dawn

Today was a most excellent day!

I met with a professor I worked for a few years ago, and who's been in my life since I was a prospective; we talked about my dissertation project. She seemed really interested and positive about the prospect, and gave me really fantastic advice and direction. We talked for a full hour and a half without either of us realizing! (And were both therefore late for our respective next engagements, ha.) But it felt good; I'm going to send her an email tomorrow about potentially chairing my committee.

My writing pedagogy seminar was good, too. I don't tend to participate in classes or meetings much, but I always have things to say in this seminar; and it's nice to feel like there's a receptive group who'll listen and engage. It's even better to know that I give enough of a damn to participate, because it makes me feel like I'm making solid life choices.

Then we had a roundtable event for a graduate working group I co-coordinate (we work on borderlands studies), where we discussed burgeoning projects and received/gave feedback in a supportive, safe, space. We ran one of these last year that I thought was great for other people, if not for me (I was in a bad place, XP) but it actually was great for me this time around, which also felt good. And it was my co-coordinator's birthday, so a friend and I brought in a cake and sang for her. <3

THEN I had another meeting (Asian/Pacific Islander American graduate group), and it was nice to spend some time with that group, even if I had to leave early to go to another event my adviser was spearheading--N. Scott Momaday came to speak as part of a lecture series in Native studies.

If you're unfamiliar with Momaday, he's credited with beginning the Native American literary renaissance, which burgeoned in the late 60s alongside the Red Power political movement. He wrote, among many other things, House Made of Dawn, which was the first text by a Native writer to win a Pulitzer, or any other major literary award. So it was some PRETTY COOL SHIT.

At the reception I had a chance to briefly chat with/smile at 1) my current boss (the guy I'm going all that archival stuff with the Gros Ventre legends and such), 2) my Native studies adviser, 3) the professor I spoke to that morning, and 4) several other grad students in Native studies, whom I haven't seen in a bit, so that was pleasant, too.

Oh, and I can live another year because SPN got renewed for S12. <333

And I might be doing something really exciting this summer, but I don't want to talk too much about that yet because I'm superstitious.
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