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11x16, AKA the one about my favorite ghost story

GOD, I love this show beautiful disgusting amounts. I loved this episode like I loved 10x19, and if we could get like, a consistent ration of creepy house cases with splintering dimensions and brotherly manhandling every season I'd be so down with that.


- JA FAMILYYYYYYY!!! In Michigan, even!!!! MY PEOPLE. (ngl Naoki kinda looks like my mom, so my attachment to Kat as her daughter was a little unreasonable given how much we'd heard from Kat at that point. But I haven't been that disturbed by the snatching of a SPN child in some time!)

My mom, for reference. She's about to go work at a historic farm teaching people how to grind corn or something, hence the getup:

Naoki and Kat were wonderful (and I assume the wife-whose-name-I-didn't-catch was great, too, even though she was stuck in London and didn't get to show it). <3

- I love the little detail about the housing crash and the financial repercussions of this ghost story. And I'll plug The Ghosts of Pickering Trail again, which is my favorite ghost story. It's about a lawyer who assesses the damage of haunting with respect to property law.

- If I watched Property Brothers, and if I cared about crossovers, this would be the part where I plug the Property Bros. / Winchester Bros. crossover.

- Also, if you're interested in baku and other such things, you would probably enjoy the manga, Yumekui Kenbun. It's about a dream eater (baku) who does business out of a tea house, eating people's nightmares for a fee. The woman who runs the tea house is my favorite character--because she's so demure, like, no big, there's a baku haunting my tea house.

Even though I'm pretty sure it turns out the baku killed her brother.

- I think generally speaking, Robbie Thompson and I tend to be interested in different ends of the SPN spectrum--he tends to do more of the lollipops, I'm more into the nuclear weaponry--but when he does creepy SO WELL in this. <3333333 The blackout mouths were a fabulous touch, even though I have no idea who all the extra spirits were or why they were multiplying.

Were they the "cud" coming to collect their newest additions?

I love. This show. So, so much. :'D I can't even begin to describe how much love I'm filled with right now. But it's this real, corporeal thing in my chest, rattling against my ribcage like it's ready to rock out. I LOVE THIS SHOW. ♥
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